Friendship & love lullabies….!

5 years have passed so are our lives moved on…may be one of us would bring all of us together… like the four more shot girls!

When I found my old blog today that I had dedicated to them , I decided to publish it again …

So story starts like this….

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai Yeh na ho to kya phir Bolo 
yeh zindagi hai …….

My heels followed two girls in sunny Saturday morning, One who looked like  Snow white ( though without the dwarfs) was following the dusky blond who seemed to be  “Ms Lara croft” ( later on to realize that she is future of Indian air-force….now she has a different story) was showing the house around. My office timings wasn’t suitable for me to go back home, thus had to find out a place to stay. Thus my heels led to place called Navrangpura.

I had searched out a place for myself through a friend of mine who is also  a Malayalee ( Fact: We,mallus are easily  found anywhere and everywhere). We had met during our Odissi dance classes ( That i say Versatility!!) and thus after 8 years, we have become roomies!!

The place was quite well kept, spacious, only problem  was,  I had to stay for few months in drawing room. My parent’s views: As expected dad remained cool and quite happy about the rooms!! And typical mother was blowing her top ” I am not happy about the room, she will have no privacy,  I don’t like it  ” . “Ammu do you want to stay here are you sure?” I replied ,” It is quite comfortable, three months will just fly off and it is better than Navsari hostel” Navsari girl’s hostel  room, what a picturesque!!  ( That’s another story which will take a two year’s tour down the line) .

Finally , due to efforts of  Ms lara Croft ‘s words ” Aunty, don’t worry we will look after her” and my assurance, mom gave me the green signal  !!New place, New people was making me little electrified. My new profound independence was making me,sing the song of  George Michael’s freedom!!  

Monday , Hot Weather- I met them!!

After a boring day at work, I walked back to room. It took me around half an hour walk and the place was really interesting. I felt i was in Alice’s wonderland. I was in love with myself, felt like Buddha in tranquility! As I reached home, Ms lara Croft was waiting for me , I saw a slender girl, with beautiful smile and hair, sitting beside her. We connected immediately. Again she was malayalee!! We were the famous five!! Ms sophisticated , Ms Lara Croft, Ms Lazy Bones, Ms Sleepy Beauty and off course MS Tara Stiles..snow white, she being youngest of all lot!! 

We were similar in thoughts but still different. we spent our time ,gossiping on stuffs like career, things which bring peace to our eyes( ya!you Know well), food, and parents. Hanging out together , connecting to ourselves ,  helping each other out ,led us to the word-Friends!!

Friendship is beautiful feeling just like a water lily and petunias which spreads out its petal to attract the insect.A few true ones will hold till the end of your life. And I have found them and grateful that i  was found!!

The story of our friendship lullabies continues even if we are’nt together anymore or we are giving each other ‘space’….and it will continue even  When Ms Lazy Bones And Ms sleepy beauty will have kids , or when Ms Tara Stiles becomes fashionista ..or when Lara Croft becomes Indian Lara Croft ..or Lady Ms sophisticated becomes Youngest entrepreneur in Forbes list….Life is like sea, we have to flow along but never forget the tides which brought you to the land!!

But truth is ‘ one day true friendships will come back’ and I believe they will too!

Thus in words of Elliot,
“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

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